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Garden Tools

The gardening season is just around the corner, so the owners of summer cottages are more and more concerned about preparing for the season. In this article, we will try to present all the necessary equipment for the garden and vegetable garden. Without which, not a single summer cottage can do. Choose the best tools here https://electrogardentools.com/p/best-jig-saw/

To the Discovery of Chainsaws

Once upon a time The history of the chainsaw began a long time ago in 1830 in an area completely different from gardening, i.e. in medicine. In fact, the first chainsaw was invented by the German orthopaedist Bernard Heine, who created a sort of serrated chain driven by a rotating movement. But what could an […]

Home Automation and Energy Certification 2019. What is there to know

Energy certification based on home automation Home automation is an increasingly popular system in private homes, which allows a significant reduction in costs related to the consumption of electricity. The main reason for the creation of home automation is to reduce the costs associated with the consumption of electricity. It, in fact, allows you to […]

Category Home Gadgets Reviews

Intelligent scales measure far more than our weight. When measuring various health statistics, remember that these averages are just those, and an individual’s best ranges may differ based on various factors. Common health metrics for smart scales include: BMI: This is a measure that shows if you are a healthy weight for your height. Body […]

Google Home Review The Big G smart speaker

Google Home is a smart speaker, basically a smart speaker that integrates Google’s voice assistant. It is equipped with Wi-Fi connection and through the software Google Assistant, the same that is present in the vast majority of smartphones or tablets with Android operating system, can receive and respond to commands given by voice. Placed inside […]

Sonos Play 1 Review

Sonos Play 1 is the most economical audio speaker in the Sonos multi-room line. The cost of 198,00€ makes it a good wireless speaker to buy absolutely, especially if you were thinking of buying such a product. The sound is incredibly powerful and rich: its cylindrical shape makes it perfect for use in any room […]

Home Automation Wireless Vs Home Automation Wired

In recent years more and more people have decided to make their homes smart by installing a home automation system. Home automation’ means equipping your home with automatic functions. There are several levels of home automation that change according to the needs and tastes of the customer, where they can be simple by integrating a […]

Home automation prices When does home automation cost in 2019

Designing and installing a home automation system in a home cannot be reduced to a simple “improvement” operation but is an action that triggers a series of immediate benefits for the user and, secondly, for the value of the property that increases its market value (from 5% to 8%). As a result, it can then […]

What is a smarthome

The smarthome, or smart home, is an intelligent system that helps you control and manage security, doors, shutters, lights, appliances, heating, home theater, and many of the equipment in your home in order to improve the quality of the time you spend there. You can also manage from a distance, to ensure all the comfort […]

How much does home automation cost per apartment

Have you planned a renovation of your apartment and want some ideas to make it efficient and functional? If you are planning a renovation, we recommend integrating a home automation system to improve the quality of life, optimize operating costs and make the environment safer and more functional. Many people think that the cost of […]