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Amazon Echo Review

The revolutionary product made by Amazon and now in its 2nd generation is definitely ready to enter the homes of anyone who wants to give a smart touch to their home: let’s discover together the review of Amazon Echo, the intelligent speaker with a quality sound.

Amazon Echo: what it is and what it is for

The Amazon Echo is an intelligent speaker and is the latest step in the digital revolution that began with smartphones more than ten years ago.

Probably the technological innovations do not make as much noise as before, we are, so to speak, accustomed. However, the habit does not take anything away from the great potential of these new devices designed and built to simplify the chores of everyday life, both private and professional.

With Amazon Echo, through the Alexa voice assistant, you can update yourself on weather conditions, the latest news, listen to streaming music, exchange messages and make calls with other Echo users. Interacting with Alexa is like talking naturally to another person.

These are just the basic functions of this amazing device, keep reading and discover the full potential of the intelligent speaker Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo (2nd generation) – Intelligent speaker with Alexa integration – Anthracite fabric

  • Amazon Echo connects to Alexa, a cloud-based voice service, to play music, making calls, setting up alarms and timers, answer questions, give weather forecasts, set the time, and more.
  • Ask to search for a song, artist or album on Amazon Music, Spotify and many other music services. With the Multi-room music feature, you can play your favorite songs on a variety of…
  • Call or send messages to anyone with an Echo device, the Alexa App or Skype without using their hands and quickly connect to other Echo devices at home using only your voice.

A general overview

If asking a vocal assistant for an hour can be fun, but in the end a futile function, you should know that the true potential of the Amazon Echo is expressed in a much broader and more serious sense.

With Amazon Echo, after compatibility, you can fully manage all digital systems, such as heating, sound and video systems, appliances, lighting system and much more through voice commands.

The Amazon Echo is an intelligent loudspeaker with a minimal and elegant design. It is a cylinder covered with fabric that covers the part where there are seven panoramic microphones that are used to receive voice commands and the excellent speaker for sound diffusion that makes it independent with regard to the reproduction of music or podcasts.

The upper part is made of plastic where only the analog controls present in this device are housed, through which you can manage the volume of the sound speaker, activate or deactivate the voice assistant or microphones.

The base houses the inputs for the power supply to the home network and the audio out to connect additional speakers to the device. In the upper part of the “cylinder” there is the characteristic luminous ring that recognizes the voice and lights up depending on the tone and volume. A detail that gives the idea of talking to something alive and not to an inert object.

The main features

Amazon Echo has the same features as a personal assistant that will help you manage your daily life, both private and professional.

It simplifies the search, cataloging and playback of music; it facilitates the management of your personal agenda, from business appointments to shopping lists.

These are the basic features, but the real potential of Amazon Echo is the ability to manage the entire digital home system. Clearly, compatibility between the intelligent home system and the Echo system is required.

It will be simple, dynamic and intuitive to adjust the lighting and air conditioning system, everything that revolves around digital entertainment and interact with all digitally controlled appliances that are simply compatible with voice commands.

Technical features are the same as for the entire Echo line, Wi-Fi compatible with 802.11 a/b/g/n networks and Bluetooth connectivity.

How do I configure it?

Configuration of the Amazon Echo is simple and intuitive. Simply connect it to the power supply and then install the Alexa App on your smartphone.

The voice assistant will indicate the few and simple steps to be able to configure your intelligent speaker. If you already have devices from the Echo line in your home and this new purchase is aimed at upgrading your network, the configuration will be automatic.

Just add the device to your Amazon account, which will be recognized and automatically configured and ready to receive your voice commands.

The difference with other models

The Amazon Echo differs from other models in the Echo line in size and interface. Size is a way between the Echo Dot and the Echo Plus. It is a cylinder of 15 cm with a base of about 9 cm.

It does not have a video interface like the Echo Spot and the analog controls are reduced to a minimum.

As for the voice assistant, Alexa, as in all the devices of the Echo line, is present all its functions and potential.

The price clearly changes, which as far as we are concerned is accessible considering all the features and functions of the device in relation to the cost.

The main advantages

The great advantage of the Amazon Echo is the compromise between size, design and function. The strength of the Amazon Echo is its high quality sound diffusion, designed to deliver 360° sound. It is certainly the most balanced device in the entire Echo line.

  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Supports additional speakers
  • Simple and immediate configuration
  • Smart speaker that sounds really good


We tested this device and as for the disadvantages, we can only point out that it is a second generation speaker, so a step backwards compared to the Echo Dot which is instead of the third generation. In any case, they are compatible and can be part of the same network as an Ecosystem without any problem.

  • Some skills and features have not been translated into Italian
  • At first it is not easy to communicate with Alexa
  • Amazon customer reviews
  • Buyers who have purchased the Amazon Echo express enthusiastic opinions.

The design and choice of materials and ease of use are appreciated. They believe that the technological choice to incorporate such a powerful and quality sound speaker is what has most influenced the evaluation of the purchase of an intelligent loudspeaker.

For all users who have an intelligent home management system, the integration with Amazon Echo for simplified management through voice commands is a real revolution.

Among the most demanding there are those who express a little disappointed to discover that the device is not compatible with Wi-Fi lines ad-hoc. Leaving aside this nerdy detail, we found all the reviews more than positive.

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