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Intelligent scales measure far more than our weight.

When measuring various health statistics, remember that these averages are just those, and an individual’s best ranges may differ based on various factors.

Common health metrics for smart scales include:

BMI: This is a measure that shows if you are a healthy weight for your height.

Body fat percentage: This is the part of your body that is made up of fat cells.

Lean mass – a measure of muscles, organs, bones and water rather than essential fat or preservation.

Visceral fat – this is the fat that exists around vital organs and is one of the major long-term health risks.

Percentage of body water – the rate of water in the body composition.

Bone mass: bone density is an important parameter for health because, like muscle, bone is a living tissue that can become stronger with exercise, in addition to a healthy diet (calcium and vitamin D).

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) – an estimate of the energy (measured in calories) spent by the body at rest to maintain normal body functions (heart rate, breathing, maintaining body temperature, etc.).

Multiple accounts

All scales examined here allow more than one person to synchronise their data with the relevant app.

Scales use Bluetooth to recognize each user’s phone, or make a good guess about who is on them based on their previous weight, and this general works well.

Stair positioning

The position of the scales is important, as you will get different readings (sometimes a few kilograms or pounds) depending on where it is on the floor.

When to weigh

The weight and percentage of body fat (and therefore other metrics) will change during the day, so it is logical to weigh each day at the same time.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Some of the scales tested here can connect wirelessly with mobile apps via Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth in your home.

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Nokia Body Cardio


Measurements: weight, body mass index, body composition (fat, muscle mass, water and bone mass), constant heart rate

Users: 8

Colours: white and black.

Withings (which has since been introduced under the brand name Nokia) was one of the first manufacturers of intelligent scales and Body Cardio offers a wide range of health measurements.

Make sure you buy the right Nokia scales when you look at the best prices online: the range ranges from basic Body scales to the most sophisticated Body Cardio scales.

The scales synchronize perfectly with Nokia’s range of activity trackers, such as the inexpensive Go and the waterproof Steel, which looks like a regular analog watch but measures basic activity data.

Unlike other scales, Nokia scales display the previous day’s step count and a trend graph right there on the scale’s display.

The Body Cardio initially monitored something that none of the other smart balances could have: the Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV), a measurement that is a key indicator of cardiac health.

Body Cardio connects to the free Nokia Health Mate app (iOS and Android) and automatically synchronizes data after each use of the scale.

The app’s home screen is clear and concise and shows you your health statistics at a glance, including steps from the Nokia activity tracker or phone step counter.

Users can set goals, earn rewards over time and celebrate health milestones.

Our only complaint about Nokia balances is the charts on the app.

Body Cardio comes with a rechargeable battery instead of four AA batteries like the other scales tested here.

Verdict: The Nokia Body Cardio does just about everything an intelligent scale can do.

The Body Cardio is our favorite smart scale for number of statistics and useful information like the weight you’ve lost or gained from your last weight. It’s more expensive than others, but it’s got just about everything you could ever need

However, since Nokia has removed the PWV holder from the Cardio, you might just as well be happy with the cheaper Body +, which now has an almost identical feature set.

Specifications for the Cardio body: 35 cm x 35 cm square, 2.85 cm high.

Fitbit Aria 2


Measurements: weight, body mass index, lean mass, body fat percentage.

Users: 8

Colours: black and white.

The most popular activity trackers are made by Fitbit (see our Fitbit which is the best feature for full details of its range), and the company has a number of smart scales that synchronize wirelessly with mobile apps and desktop dashboards.

The most popular activity trackers are made by Fitbit (see our Fitbit which is the best feature for full details of its range), and the company has a number of smart scales that sync wirelessly with mobile apps and desktop dashboards.

Like most of the smart scales reviewed here, Fitbit Aria 2 is powered by three AA batteries.

The Aria 2 is stylish, available in black or chic white and topped with 0.3-inch glass.

As soon as you get on the Aria 2, start measuring your weight and calculating your BMI etc., knowing your height and other personal statistics through your Fitbit account.

Then identify yourself and view your weight and body fat percentage.

The app’s interface is clear and can display data in attractive graphs.

You don’t need to be a Fitbit tracker user to own Air 2 balances, but it makes a lot of sense as data synchronization is so good and monitoring your exercises is one of the best ways to help you achieve and maintain a good level of fitness.

Synchronized with all other activity data should give Fitbit users a rather holistic view of their health parameters.

If you want as many body statistics as possible, go with the Nokia Body Cardio.

Verdict: Fitbit Aria 2 is the natural choice for existing Fitbit users because it syncs so well with the Fitbit app and dashboard.

Read our full Fitbit Aria 2 review for more details.

Specifications: 31.2cm x 31.2cm square, 3.4cm high.

Synchronize via: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Buy Fitbit Aria 2 at Amazon

Qardio QardioBase


Measures: weight, body mass index, body composition (fat, muscle mass, water and bone mass)

Users: 8

Colours: white

One of our favorite wireless Internet scales is the circular QardioBase Smart Scale by Qardio.

QardioBase measures weight, body mass index and complete body composition (body fat, muscle mass, water and bone mass).

It can connect to the smartphone app (Android, iOS, Kindle) via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) and the simple setup is completed via the app.

The app is clear and easy to use.

This scale will give you encouraging smiley when you are progressing towards your weight goal, and can also give you tactile feedback – gentle vibrations that let you know your weight has been taken and stored in the app.

QardioBase is compatible with Apple Health and Apple Watch and integrates with Google Fit and S Health.

You can configure up to eight people with each ladder and each is private.

There is a special pregnancy mode so that future mothers can follow their progress and even add photos to each measurement.

Initially we found the scale a bit unstable (probably caused by the sleek but less stable circular design – Qardio might be guilty of a functional shape here), but four additional feet are included so you can customize the floor.

This digital scale requires 8 AA batteries, which should keep the scale for a year.

You can buy directly from Qardio or online retailers such as Amazon UK or Amazon.com, where you can find discounts.

iHealth Core


Measures: body weight and mass index, body fat, lean muscle mass, bone mass, water weight, daily calories and visceral fat index (VFR).

Users: 20

Colours: white

“You’re more than just a number, you’re beautiful!” Says the iHealth scale when you open the box.

Two models are available: iHealth Core (HS6) and iHealth Lite (HS4).

Because it can be synchronised via Wi-Fi, iHealth Core allows the device to be used by a family much more easily as it recognizes the user without the phone present.

The Lite version measures only weight and BMI and connects only via Bluetooth.

Like the other smart scales reviewed here, iHealth scales wirelessly with a mobile app (iHealth MyVitals, on iOS and Android) to graphically and statistically display the latest and most historical data, helping you to monitor your progress.

Installation is quite simple and you can start using it right after registering with the app.

Once connected to the iHealth MyVitals app, an algorithm can calculate an estimate of your optimal calorie intake for Core users;

The scales keep up to 200 measurements in their internal memory, so you don’t have to synchronize every time you step on the scale.

Both can support the highest number of individual users (20) of all scales examined and tested here.

The iHealth Scales are part of a large family of iHealth gadgets, including an activity tracker (the iHeath Wave that tracks swimming and walking in particular and so on), an oximeter and blood pressure monitors.

With this medical corner you can share information from the scale with your doctor or caregiver if you wish.

Rating: We like the way the Core and Lite scales interact with other iHealth products and the Core offers a number of useful parameters with which to monitor your health.

iHealth Core Specifications: 35 cm x 35 cm square, 2.85 cm high.

Buy iHealth Wireless Core Scale at Amazon.

Koogeek’s Intelligent Wi-Fi Bluetooth Security Scale


Measures: weight, BMI (body mass index), body fat mass, lean mass, bone mass, total body water, BMR (basal metabolism) and visceral fat.

Users: 16

Colours: white

Koogeek’s Intelligent Health Scale measures a ton of health-related parameters.

The Koogeek scale boasts a modern and elegant look and a large blue LED display not to be missed.

It syncs with the Koogeek app for mobile devices (Android and iOS), which displays your weight and other statistics in various ways with attractive graphs and historical weight data so you can quickly see weight trends.

The Koogeek app captures activity data from Apple’s Health app, so you can use it to simultaneously monitor your steps, without the need for an extra activity tracker as it uses your iPhone as a pace measurement device.

You can view the steps measured by Apple Health from the Koogeek app, but don’t send any weight data to Apple Health.

The Koogeek scale can handle up to 16 individual users, but not everyone tries to be on the same level!

Here’s a great feature for new parents.

Configuration was not as easy as we found with some of the other scales tested here.

Since some of the other scales tested here don’t have a Bluetooth connection, it’s not a big deal unless, of course, you have access to a Wi-Fi network at home.

Instead, you connect Koogeek to your Wi-Fi and it syncs with its mobile app like this.

Other online reviews suggest that not only do we have configuration problems, and this is an area that Koogeek could certainly improve.

Verdict: The scale is well built and elegant in appearance, and one of the least expensive tested here.

Specifications: 31.5cm x 31.5cm square, to 2.9cm high.

Synchronize via: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Buy the Koogeek Intelligent Health Scale at Amazon.

Salter Curves Smart Analyzer Pro Scale


Measures: body weight and mass index, body fat, muscle mass, bone mass, water percentage and basal metabolism (BMR).

Users: 8

Colours: white

Salter is a well-known manufacturer of scales and has been weighing people for nearly 50 years, unlike the new guys on the block with their imaginative digital monitors.

The Salter Curve Analyzer Pro scales are equipped with an easy-to-read LED display, which shows the weight and other parameters when you step forward.

The instructions go beyond most of the scales examined here, explaining the metrics and giving a healthy average to aspire to.

The scales look good and fit most domestic environments.

At first we found the setup a bit complicated, but we remained operational (or rather standing) quite quickly once we had paired the device with our phone via Bluetooth.

It worked well for a couple of days, but if you move the scale you have to go through what appears to be a simple but actually frustrated procedure from us.

Use the app to set targets on various metrics.

While they were clear, the graphs of the apps were a bit flat compared to other apps that were visually more eye-catching views with the other smart scales reviewed here.

There are Child and Athlete modes to distinguish between user types.

Like the iHealth scales, The Salter Curve Analyzer Pro can synchronize with other medical devices such as a blood pressure monitor.

Verdict: Salter is an established brand in non-digital scales.

Specifications: 30.6 cm x 33.6 cm, 3 cm high.

Synchronize via: Bluetooth

Buy the Salter Curve Analyzer Pro at Amazon.

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