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Intelligent scales measure far more than our weight. When measuring various health statistics, remember that these averages are just those, and an individual’s best ranges may differ based on various factors. Common health metrics for smart scales include: BMI: This is a measure that shows if you are a healthy weight for your height. Body […]

Google Home Review The Big G smart speaker

Google Home is a smart speaker, basically a smart speaker that integrates Google’s voice assistant. It is equipped with Wi-Fi connection and through the software Google Assistant, the same that is present in the vast majority of smartphones or tablets with Android operating system, can receive and respond to commands given by voice. Placed inside […]

Sonos Play 1 Review

Sonos Play 1 is the most economical audio speaker in the Sonos multi-room line. The cost of 198,00€ makes it a good wireless speaker to buy absolutely, especially if you were thinking of buying such a product. The sound is incredibly powerful and rich: its cylindrical shape makes it perfect for use in any room […]

Amazon Echo Review

The revolutionary product made by Amazon and now in its 2nd generation is definitely ready to enter the homes of anyone who wants to give a smart touch to their home: let’s discover together the review of Amazon Echo, the intelligent speaker with a quality sound. Amazon Echo: what it is and what it is […]