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How much does home automation cost per apartment

Have you planned a renovation of your apartment and want some ideas to make it efficient and functional? If you are planning a renovation, we recommend integrating a home automation system to improve the quality of life, optimize operating costs and make the environment safer and more functional. Many people think that the cost of a home automation system is excessive and immediately put this idea aside, so we want to give you some useful advice to get an idea of the costs for a home automation system.

Home automation: different costs according to individual needs

It should be noted that the costs of a home automation are very variable and depend essentially on the interventions you want to perform, so they are not always too expensive and above all there are many companies that offer packages at very affordable prices. In any case, it is always preferable to buy and install a home automation system of medium-high range so as not to risk having problems of operation in the future. To transform your home with a home automation system, although the initial investment may seem quite expensive, may become an investment for the future, as consumption is substantially reduced. To get an idea of how much a home automation system can cost, you can request estimates from companies specializing in this type of intervention and assess the convenience, but now let’s see in detail how much it can cost a home automation system base or integrated.

The prices of a home automation: the standard version

If you are renovating your home and want to implement the main home automation systems, without necessarily having to buy all the latest “intelligent” tools but only a few, then your desire is to build a basic or standard home automation system. A basic home automation system can include: electrical system, burglar alarm system and video surveillance, automatic air conditioning and heating, wireless tools for controlling windows or appliances. For those who want to build an electrical home automation system, it is necessary to estimate an approximate cost between 5,000-6,000 €, but the prices for home automation can increase depending on the integration and the size of the apartment. In a standard home automation system it is possible to control the switching on/off of the lights, set the regulation of the heating remotely, adjust the intensity of the lights and manage the opening or closing of the shutters. The cost of an electrical system is not very different from the traditional one, as you will save a lot of money for the wiring of the system. In general, the integration with home automation as the electrical system involves an additional cost of about 1,500 – 2000 €, a figure certainly not too high if you think that in the future the system can be modified or integrated with other technological elements. In combination with the electrical home automation system it is usual to install video surveillance systems that increase the security of the home. As for security, you can buy video surveillance kits at very low prices or you can choose to compose it yourself, but it is always preferable to rely on specialized companies. A wireless video surveillance system that can also be controlled remotely can cost between 800 € – 1,300 € depending on the number of cameras and if there are also motion sensors. Like the electrical system, the video surveillance system can also be integrated and optimised in the future. With this standard home automation system, for a house of 80-100 square meters you will spend approximately € 8,000- 9,000 if you integrate it with other touch controls, but you will get immediate savings on electricity and gas bills, since the intelligent system installed is able to optimize consumption.

Home automation: prices of the full version

As we have seen, the costs of building a home automation with some standard interventions are not too high, but the initial investment can become expensive if other home automation systems are integrated. An integrated home automation system is not only able to turn on the lights, but also detects the presence of people in the room and automatically switches them off. It also regulates their intensity if you are watching a film or if there is still sunlight. This type of electrical system with touch controls that also controls the shutters, the heating system and the video surveillance system, perhaps from a single control panel has costs ranging between 10,000 and 12,000 €. To this total cost must be added the controls for the outdoor irrigation systems or if you plan an automated cleaning system of the pool, then the initial expenditure will rise to reach even 20,000 €, but you will have achieved a smart and fully automated home. In addition to these home automation systems, you can also provide voice control of the entire system as those developed by some giants of the technology sector.

After analyzing what are the total costs for the construction of a home automation system, if the cost still seems too high, we want to inform you that making a home intelligent increases the value of the entire property, so it is an excellent investment even if you want to sell your apartment. To find the home automation system that best suits your needs and that is not too expensive, we recommend that you request various quotes from companies specializing in home automation.

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