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To the Discovery of Chainsaws

Once upon a time

The history of the chainsaw began a long time ago in 1830 in an area completely different from gardening, i.e. in medicine. In fact, the first chainsaw was invented by the German orthopaedist Bernard Heine, who created a sort of serrated chain driven by a rotating movement. But what could an orthopaedist do with such a tool? Simple, it was used to facilitate the amputation of various limbs. But beyond this macabre and gloomy beginning, we can say that the first real chainsaw was created around 1926. It wasn’t a practical machine, on the contrary it was remarkably heavy, it didn’t even have a great power as one of the cheapest chainsaws of our days could overcome it and needed the use of two men in order not to lose control of the machine. In short, not a great deal compared to the equipment of today but with the passing of the years, as we can see, considerable progress has been made. Tools & Goods can help you with choosing different types of chainsaws and parts for them.

What do you do?

But back to our starting question “How do I choose the right chainsaw for me?”. The chainsaw must be bought according to our needs and requirements. Do we need a tool to help us with pruning? Then we will need a tool that is small in size and is as space-saving as pruning saws. Do we need a tool that is a little more versatile but does not consume too much? Then a cordless chainsaw can do the job. Do we need a versatile, low-consumption machine without sacrificing the power of an internal combustion engine? An electric chainsaw or chain saw is ideal for our needs. In short, we have understood that the choice of the chainsaw depends very much on your needs, but let’s find out in more detail which is your ideal type of chainsaw with some technical features and model.

Technical analysis

The main characteristics that you must observe when choosing your chainsaw are:

  1. The power that the engine can reach. This characteristic is very useful to us to determine the use we can make of the machine and therefore understand if it is suitable for our needs. Normally an engine that travels between 20 and 35 cc is of small displacement and therefore suitable for pruning operations, from 40 to 55 cc is of medium displacement and is suitable for the private individual who needs his machine for multiple uses, while above 60 cc is of large displacement and we move to more professional machines or for those who have their hands in the trade for a long time and know exactly what they are looking for.
  2. The weight that must be proportionate to your build. This notion is important for your safety – with a chainsaw that is too light or too heavy, you could sustain accidental injuries.
  3. The length of the blade that must be longer than the size of the logs to be cut.
  4. Ergonomic handle with anti-vibration system that allows you to always have control over the machine without tiring your arm and hand while working. Also in this case, always for safety reasons, make sure that the handle is equipped with a safety brake or blade lock.
  5. Make sure the chain is easy to pull out and sharpen, perhaps with an external tensioning system to always have a chain ready for use and to guarantee you complete safety. In this regard we inform you that there are chainsaws with built-in self-sharpening system that will save you time and avoid long maintenance operations.
  6. Finally, we have the tank that must be divided with respect to the blade. In fact, thanks to the resistance placed between the two components, the vibrations caused by the bar will not bother the machine and will guarantee a longer life.

When the protection makes style

Throughout our speech we must remember a practical method of defence against possible injuries that may occur with the use of these machines, namely PPE clothing. The PPE clothing is essential during the use of chainsaws to avoid any damage to our body even if they are often uncomfortable, bulky and very heavy. But those days are over and now, thanks to more advanced technologies, we have been able to obtain lighter, more practical and stretchy PPE clothing that allows us to make any movement without any problem.

Under a microscope

As a rule, under the fabric of our protective clothing, there are several layers of cut-resistant fabric to protect us from accidents. The only problem with this technology is that the padding creates thickness that can reduce our movements and breathability by increasing the weight we carry. Softly technology has been created to eliminate this problem. This structure is based on 5 highly flexible, light and very thin layers placed under the fabric able to block even the most powerful blows. This new product is now used by the big brands to allow their customers maximum safety without giving up movement like the new tree climbing pants by Oleo-Mac.

The Green Centre Council

No matter how good the machine is and how well suited to your needs, always remember to carry out maintenance on your machine. With a little thrift and care, your chainsaw could be an excellent investment.

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