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What is a smarthome

The smarthome, or smart home, is an intelligent system that helps you control and manage security, doors, shutters, lights, appliances, heating, home theater, and many of the equipment in your home in order to improve the quality of the time you spend there.

You can also manage from a distance, to ensure all the comfort of the home environment in the evening, when perhaps we return home after a long day of work. Home automation allows us to program the ignition of the oven to find, for example, a good and steaming pan of lasagna already cooked on our arrival, to start the washing machine so that, on our return, we can safely lay out all the laundry, or to turn on the heating or air conditioning to find a comfortable climate in our home in every season. These are just some of the dozens of actions that you can perform if we have installed a good home automation system in the house.

But even when we are at home, home automation can make life easier for us. If connected to the photovoltaic or electrical system, for example, it can turn on and off the outdoor lights independently at set times, as well as perform all other actions that are repeated constantly over time.

Practical examples of how the smart home can make everyday life more comfortable.

A single command is all it takes to automatically activate the scenarios: a series of programmed operations that take into account the different needs of the day, depending on your lifestyle, improve the quality of life.

Communication with this house is very easy and can be done through common devices such as phones, buttons, remote controls, touch screens, both at home and abroad. The sound system can also allow the transmission of personalized messages. The scenarios that you will see realized are those that may be present in your home today, common domestic situations, to be covered in a guided tour lasting 15 – 20 minutes that covers an entire day type.

Example of INPUT Scenario

By entering the code on the keypad or an rfid card, we are recognized by the system and command the opening of the front door. Once inside, the system welcomes us with the message: “Welcome to the smart house.”

The following actions are performed automatically:

– The security system is switched off.

– The shutters are raised in succession

– Lights are switched on in the event of insufficient outside light

– The music starts with the sound diffusion system and the temperature is adjusted to 20 degrees.

Example of OUTPUT Scenario

This scenario represents the end of the visit and the exit of the house in a typical day. We then leave the Smart Home, activating the scenario from the touch screen, the following operations are performed:

– All the shutters are lowered

– All the lights are out.

– The sound system is deactivated.

– The heating is lowered

– The alarm system is activated

– The system finally communicates, “Goodbye, see you soon.”

All we’ve said is just one example of what can be achieved with a smart home. To discover the full potential and how it can be tailored to your needs, ask for a free quote below, detailing as much as possible your home.

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